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Journal of Cosmetic Science The Official Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Volume 71 No. 4 | July/August 2020 ORIGINAL ARTICLES Introductory Remarks Paolo U. Giacomoni | pp. 187 Regular Application of Sunscreen Can Prevent Skin Cancer Adèle C. Green | pp. 191 Formulation of Sunscreens for Optimal Effi cacy Dominique Moyal, Thierry Passeron, Martin Josso, Stéphane Douezan, Véronique Delvigne, Sophie Seité | pp. 199 Importance of DNA Repair: Recent Advances Daniel B. Yarosh, Angela Tewari | pp. 209 Comparison of Skin Photoprotection by Pigmentation and Sunscreens Antony R. Young | pp. 217 Impact of Sunscreen Regulations in the United States on Suncare Development Nadim A. Shaath | pp. 227
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