Journal of Cosmetic Science The Official Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Volume 74 No. 2 |January/February 2023 ORIGINAL ARTICLES Effects of Tactile Stimulation by Foams of Different Viscosities on Electroencephalogram Signals From Brain Regions Involved in Emotional Processing Akio Goda, Kazuya Inoko, Mayumi Kagami, Takayuki Kumei, Tomohiro Ueda, Kano Hikino and Takayuki Kodama |pp. 81 The Effects of a Peptide Complex Cream for Improving Skin Photoaging Qiao Tang, Wenting Cao, Wenfang Wang, Jichun Yang, Jichao Qian and Danqi Deng |pp. 92 REVIEW Clinical Application of Kojic Acid in the Treatment of Melasma: A Scope Review Rayane Vieira Brazil, Jenifer Brasil Dos Santos, Vânia Emerich Bucco De Campos, Elisabete Pereira Dos Santos and Zaida Maria Faria De Freitas |pp. 101 Hyaluronic Acid Aesthetic Fillers: A Review of Rheological and Physicochemical Properties Patrícia Paulino, Mariana Brito Da Cruz And Virgínia Santos |pp. 132
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