Supplementary Material 3 List of reasons for the exclusion of studies, after reading them in full (=18). Author/Year Title Exclusion reasons Hifuka et al.2015 ,Mixture of kojic acid and liquiritin cream for the treatment of various pigmentary disorders. No access to full text. Adatto, 2003 Photorejuvenation of the forearms by treating hyperpigmented lesions with intense pulsed light source: A case report. Unevaluated population of interest. García-Gavín et al.2010 ,Pigmented contact dermatitis due to kojic acid: A paradoxical side effect of a skin lightener. Unevaluated population of interest. Ellis Tan Ellis, 1995 Superficial micropeels: Glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid with kojic acid. Not interventional study design. Nakayama et al.1994 ,The effect of kojic acid application on various facial pigmentary disorders. No access to full text. Mpofana Abrahamse, 2018, The management of melasma on skin types V and VI using light emitting diode treatment. Unevaluated population of interest. Iurassich Blanco Rossi, 1996 The treatment of melasma: Hydroquinone, liquorice extract and kojic acid. Clinical and colorimetric evaluation. No access to full text. Rendon Bernitez, 2005 Use of a triple-combination agent and various procedures for treatment of melasma.No access to full text. Rendon, 2004 Utilizing combination therapy to optimize melasma outcomes. Unevaluated intervention of interest. Ashi Kothiwhala, 2019 A 36-year-old woman with hyperpigmented macules on face. Unevaluated intervention of interest. Mamatha Hanamanthayya, 2015 Comparative study on combination of microdermabrasion with 35% glycolic acid peel versus 35% glycolic acid peel alone for facial melanoses of Indian. Unevaluated intervention of interest. Sundaram, 2020 Prospective evaluation of efficacy and tolerability in skin phototypes IV to VI of a topical formulation for hyperpigmentation combining tranexamic acid with niacinamide, kojic acid, and hydroxyethylpiperazine ethane. Unevaluated intervention of interest. 131 Application of Kojic Acid in Treatment of Melasma
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