J. Cosmet. Sci., 66, 65 (January/February 2015) 65 Letter to Editor JOHN F. CORBETT, Naples, FL I write concerning the paper “Cadmium, Lead and Nickel in Hair Care Products in Tur- key” JCS July/August, 2014 p. 239. The authors report results of analysis of 105 hair care products and state that they found minute quantities of one or more of these metals in nearly all the samples. They further state that the amounts were below the limits set by Canadian, German and U.S. authorities. Nevertheless, they note that European and Turkish regulations prohibit “any amount” in cosmetics which is patently impossible. They are trying to create a storm in a teacup. It has long been apparent that with the ever increasing sensitivity of analytical techniques (in this case, 1 part per billion in Table II and 1 part in 10 million in Tables III and IV) one can fi nd almost everything in anything. To assert that their results merit “further studies to ascertain the forms of these contami- nants in cosmetics and to assess the absorbed levels and potential risks to humans” is to give this data a level of importance that it does not merit and invites those who feel that cosmetics should be further regulated to use the paper to support their arguments. The paper merely shows that the Turkish cosmetics are in compliance with achievable and practical regulations. Address all correspondence to John Corbett at johncorbett29@aol.com
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