384 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS (c) The name of the journal in italics, i.e., underlined once in the typewritten manuscript. Use standard abbreviations as in Chemical Abstracts. (d) The volume number in bold face type, i.e. underlined in the manuscript with a wavy line. (e) The first and last pages of the article separated by a hyphen. (f) Year of publication of the article (in parentheses) the month must be included for journals which do not use continuous pagination. The following is an example of a correctly prepared journal reference note all spacing and punctuation: (1) L. E. Gaul and G. B. Underwood, Relation of dew point and barometric pressure to chapping of normal skin, J. Invest. Dermatol., 19, 9-19 (July 1952). Book references are handled similarly and should include pertinent page numbers: (16) S. Rothman, Physiology and Biochemistry of the Skin (The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1954), pp. 494-560. References to books containing contributions from authors appear as follows: (4) S. D. Gershon, M. A. Goldberg, and M. M. Rieger, "Permanent Waving," in Cos- metics, Science and Technology, 2nd ed., M. S. Balsam and E. Sagarin, Eds. (Wiley- Interscience, New York, 1972), Vol. 2, pp. 167-250. AFTER SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPTS Rejection of Papers Submitted: Manuscripts not prepared in accordance with these directions or deemed to be outside the scope of articles published in the Journal will be returned to the author by the Editor. Galley Proofs: After an author's paper is accepted and before final publication, galley proofs will be sent to the senior author for careful review and correction. Proofs should be verified against the manuscript. The Publication Committee does not accept this responsibility. Alter- ations in an article after it is typeset are made at the author's expense, and the author will be billed for such changes. Corrected galley proofs must be returned within 10 days to the Journal office. Offprints and Reprints: The senior author of each paper will automatically receive 50 offprints free of charge, following publication of his paper. Additional offprints, or the more expensive stitched reprints, must be ordered at the time the galley proofs are returned and will be billed to the author. An order blank for this purpose is included with the galley proofs when it is sent to the author--return it with the galley. Page Charges: The authors of a manuscript published in the JOURN^L will be assessed a page charge of $35.00 per printed page. Any material set into type but ordered deleted from pub- lication at the galley proof stage must also be paid for by the author. These charges will be invoiced to the senior author at the time of publication.
j. $oc. Cosmet. Chem., 40, 385-412 (November/December 1989) INDEX TO VOLUME 40 SUBJECT INDEX Abrasiveness evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 Absorption bands fatty acids & metallic salt, B, moisture in skin, 151 liposome-encapsulated cosmetics skin, 51 percutaneous azone, D skin penetration of vitamins, 41 TCC soap, 75 Acetic acid neutralizer skin penetration, 41 Acetone sunscreen ingredient comedogenicity, E Acetone/ether water recovery properties of pseudoceramides stratum corneum, J Acetulan comedogenic potential of preservatives, 135 Acetylated lanolin alcohol comedogenic potential, 135 Acid acrylic synergy of preservative system components, A amino protein content in hair, 91 arachidonic alteration of Ia + Langerhans cells, 101, evaluation of anti-inflammatory ingredients (abstract), 243 ascorbic skin penetration, 119 aspartic proteins of hair, 91 benzoic permeability (abstract), 243 caproic role in body odor, B cysteic proteins of hair, 91 fatty follicular keratosis, E, lipid bilayer vesicles, 51 glutamic proteins of hair, 91 hexadecanoic sebum composition, C iso-valeric role in foot malodor, B lauric comedogenicity, E linoleic sebum composition, C myristic comedogenicity, E octadecadienoic sebum composition, C oleic glyceryl monostearate composition, 215, sebum composition, C palmitic glyceryl monostearate composition, 215, sebum composition, C perchloric radiotracer experiments, 205 perspiration hair coloring, 65 production preservation testing, 193 propionic role in body odor, B salicylic permeability (abstract), 243 stearic glyceryl monostearate composition, 215, lotion composition, 193, sebum composition, C, synthesis of amide derivatives, J tetradecanoic capillary gas chromatogram of spangler sebum, C value in glyceryl monostearate syneresis in cream, 215 Acne cosmetic, E cyoctol cutaneous metabolism, D Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate cross polymer lotion synergy of preservative system components, A Acrylic acid antimicrobial activity nonionic o/w lotion, A synergy of preservative system components survival curve slope method, A Adsorption lipids in conditioners removal of cationics, 205 surface physical properties hair, 173 Aerobic bacillus preservation testing, 193 bacteria level of dandruff, 109 Aerobic plate counts preservative efficacy methods, 193 Aerosols effect of zinc oxide deodorant development, B Affinity dyes to hair, 65 African hair electrophoretic analysis, 91 Agar media kinetics of bacterial death, 193 plate count methods bacterial content, 21 tryptic soy test organisms for preservative system efficacy, A Agar patch test validation antibacterial liquid soap, G Age culture conditions kinetics of bacterial death, 193 385
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