392 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS Elbow wash test skin compatibility hand cleanser evaluation, 33 Electrical conductivity measurement of water content in vivo, 151 Eleetrodynamometer gas bearing in vivo simulation apparatus, 1 Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) hair damage, F Eiectrophoretic analysis alkylated proteins human hair, 91 Electrostatic forces binding of keratin fibers with cationic detergents, 205 Emmolient lipophilic thickening agent glyceryl monostearate, 215 Emulsion multi-phase (abstract), 243 nonionic kinetics of bacterial death, 193 nonionic systems preservative efficacy testing, A semisolid systems pharmaceutical cream base, 215 stabilization adsorbed macromolecules (abstract), 243 water-binding characteristics skin, 1 Encapsulation liposomes cosmetics, 51 Endogenous vitamin c skin penetration, 119 Environment effect on hair damage, F water content of stratum corneum, 151 Enzymatic hydrolysis removal of sebum surfactants, C Enzyme cyclooxygenase antioxidants in immunity, 101 deactivation decay law, 119 DNA repair of UV damage in skin (abstract), 243 tyrosinase melanogenesis, 65 Epichlorohydrin synthesis of amide derivatives water retention in stratum corneum, J Epidermal necrosis irritancy skin care product formulations, E Epidermis human cadaver sunscreen protection, 127 immune responsiveness antioxidants, 101 lidocaine penetration, 41 liposome-encapsulated cosmetics, 51 metabolism cyoctol, D moisture in skin, 151 mouse sunscreen protection, 127 Epithelium irritants skin care products, E Equations absorbance spectrophotometric quantitative analyses, 151 elasticity ratio softness effect of hair cosmetics, I exponential decay law for activity of skin enzymes, 119 fanning friction factor equation measurement of hair flow resistance, I generation time bacterial content in cosmetics, 21 impedance to an applied shear force, 1 lidocaine penetration over time skin, 41 quenching mechanism of zinc oxide on body odor, B rate of smoothness decline shaving, 141 rayleigh ratio liposome characterization, 51 resistance of a diffusion barrier, 41 sun protection factor transmission measurement, 127 total color change hair, 65 Erythema evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 irritancy skin care product formulations, E mildness of wash products flex wash test, H Erythromycin skin permeation effect of enhancer pretreatment (abstract), 243 Escalol 507 sunscreen formulation photoprotection, 127 Escherichia coli antimicrobial testing of soaps, G bacterial content in cosmetics, 21 kinetics of bacterial death preservative efficacy testing, 193 synergy of preservative system components efficacy testing, A ESR method fusion and leakage processes cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Ester comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E cream preparation, 215 value glyceryl monostearate, 215 Estradiol esters esterification vitamin e skin penetration, 119 Ethanol alkylation procedure hair, 91 effect on permeant flux theophylline, 231, methylparaben, 231 organic solvent preparation of cosmetics- carrying liposomes, 51 synthesis of amide derivatives water retention in stratum corneum, J TCC quantity soap, 75 topical administration epidermal immunity, 101 water solution microflora in dandruff, 109 Ethanolamide synthesis of amide derivatives water retention in stratum corneum, J Ethanolamine amphiphiles lipid bilayer vesicles, 51 Ethanolic solution microflora in dandruff, 109
SUBJECT INDEX 393 Ether comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E Ethnicity hair alkylated proteins, 91 Ethoxylation anionic detergents staining cationics on keratin, 205 lanolin derivatives comedogenicity, E Ethylene glycol ester oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Ethylhexyl P-methoxycinnamate sunscreen formulation photoprotection, 127 Euclidean geometry roughness surface topography of hair, 173 Eugon broth dilution system bacteria content, 21 Eumelanin metal catalysis color formation in hair, 65 European hair electrophoretic analysis 91 Eusolex 232 sunscreen formulation photoprotection, 127 Evaluation agar patch test detection of antibacterial activity, G mildness personal washing products, H perceptual shaving closeness, 141 Evaporimeter transepidermal water loss measurement evaluation of hand cleansers, 33, skin, 1 Exaggerated use tests mildness of washing products human skin, H Exogenous vitamin c skin penetration, 119 External sebum removal from hair surfactants, C Extraction procedure internal sebum removal hair, C Eyeshadow bacterial content, 21 Fatty acid build-up in hair ammonium lauryl sulfate washing, C chain length follicular keratosis, E cream preparation, 215 glyceryl monostearate syneresis effect in oil-in-water cream, 215 sebum composition removal by surfactants in shampoo, C short chain contribution to body odor, B soap composition antimicrobial activity, G Fatty acid chain liposome composition, 51 Fatty acid glyceride glyceryl monostearate composition oil-in-water cream stability, 215 Fatty alcohols in conditioning products removal of cationics from keratin, 205 FD&C red #4 soap composition antimicrobial activity, G FD&C yellow #5 soap composition antimicrobial activity, G Feel hair attributes role of cuticle, F hair surface geometrical properties, 173 Fiber hair sebum removal, C Fick's law of diffusion water flux skin, 1 Finger imprint method in comparison with agar patch test, G Finger squeeze cleaning process removal of sebum from hair, C Fissures evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 Flash chromatography synthesis of amide derivatives water retention in stratum corneum, J Flex wash test mildness evaluation personal washing products, H Flow human hair hydrodynamic technique, I Flow cytometry antioxidants in immunity, 101 Flow rate metabolic profiling •4c-azone, D, •4c-cyoctol, D Flow-through cells skin penetration, 41 Fluidity temperature and water effects on skin, 1 Fluorescein isothiocyanate antibodies epidermal immunity, 101 Fluorescence fusion and leakage processes cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Fluorescence spectrophotometer steady-state light-scattering measurement liposomes, 51 Fluorescence technique dansyl chloride hair damage, F Fluorescent activated cell sorting (FACS) antioxidants in immunity, 101 Fluorescent dye 1-dimethylamino-naphthalene- 5-sulfonyl chloride hair damage assessment, F F!uorimetric technique cholesterol content extracted lipid/sebum, C Flux formation of melanin in vivo, 65 influence of membrane thickness, 231 lidocaine penetration skin, 41 ratio skin/solvent interaction, 231 water skin, 1 Foam use in cosmetics (abstract), 243 Follicle rabbit ear assay comedogenic ingredients, E Fo!!icular hyperkerafinization comedogenic potential of preservatives, 135 Follicular keratosis skin care products, E Food phenolic compounds immunity, 101 Formalin microscopic follicle measurement keratosis, E Formulation conditioning products ratio of lipid/cationic, 205 cosmetics solvents, 231, vitamins c and e, 119 hair cleaning products, C oil-in-water cream stability, 215 skin care products comedogenicity, E
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