410 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS Tyrosinase enzyme melanogenesis, 65 Tyrosine melanogenesis hair coloring, 65 Ultrasonic generator headspace gas chromatography analysis in quenching short- chain fatty acids, B Ultraviolet damage in skin DNA repair enzyme (abstract), 243 hair damage fluorescence technique, F sunscreen protection factors, 127 Unilamellar vesicles preparation of cosmetics- carrying liposomes, 51 United Kingdom raw matedhal in cream formulation stability, 215 United States raw material in cream formulation stability, 215 Unsaturated fatty acids amphiphiles lipid bilayer vesicles, 51 Urea composition of washing bars irritancy potential, H extraction procedure hair protein, 91 Valine proteins of hair, 91 Van der waals forces binding of keratin fibers to cationic detergents, 205 Vegetable oil composition of washing bars irritancy potential, H cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E cream preparation, 215 lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Versatility oxidative hair color, 65 Vesicles liposome-encapsulated cosmetics, 51 4-viny!-N-methyl-pyridinium methyl sulfate aqueous solution hair with raised cuticles, 173 Viscoelasticity skin effects of temperature and water activity, 1 Viscosity emulsion instability oil-in-water cream, 215 lotion preservative efficacy testing, A Visual evaluation shaving closeness, 141 measurement of follicular keratosis skin care products E quantitation hair damage, F Visual scoring system skin compatibility hand cleansers, 33 Vitamin cosmetic ingredients comedogenicity, E Vitamin c skin penetration, 119 Vitamin e skin penetration, 119 Volatility short-chain fatty acids body odor, B Vortex mixer preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Washing action hand cleanser evaluation, 33 anionic detergent removal of cationic surfactants, 205 mildness of cleansing products flex wash test, H soap bars with tdhclocarban agar patch test, G TCC quantity soap, 75 Water binding excised porcine skin, 151 bleeding hair color, 65 cleanser composition evaluation of, 33 effects on skin in vitro, 1 flow resistance of wet hair hydrodynamic technique, I glyceryl monostearate composition oil-in- water cream stability, 215 hardness preservative efficacy testing, A lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 soap composition antimicrobial testing, G, irdhtancy potential, H solubility dyes, 65 solution comedogenic potential of preservatives, 135 solvent effect on solute penetration, 231 Water-retention stratum corneum effect of ceramides, J Wavelengths near-infrared evaluation of moisturizers, 151 Waviness surface topography of hair, 173 Waving hair, 65 Wax esters sebum composition removal by surfactants in shampoo, C Waxes comedogenicity cosmetic products, E Weathering hair alkylated proteins, 91 hair damage fluorescence technique, F mildness of washing products flex wash test, H Weierstrass-Mandelbrot function fractal model of rough surfaces, 173 Weight cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity and irdhtancy, E hair substrate sebum removal, C scales dandruff, 109 sulfur proteins hair, 91 Wire mesh bleed test oil-in-water cream syneresis, 215 Wool model keratin sebum removal by surfactants, C staining cationics on keratin, 205 Wool wax alcohol soap TCC, 75
INDEXES 411 X-ray diffraction analysis physicochemical properties of glyceryl monostearate effect on oil-in-water cream stability, 215 X-ray fluorescence soap analysis sandiness, 75 Xylene sunscreen ingredient comedogenicity, E Yeast culture media composition preservation testing, 193 P. ovale dandruff, 109 testing procedure bacterial content in cosmetics, 21 Zinc comedogenicity cosmetic ingredients, E Zinc oxide ability to quench short-chain fatty acids body odor, B sunscreen formulation photoprotection, 127 Zinc stearate metallic base comedogenicity of skin care products, E AUTHOR INDEX Ackerman, C. S. see Breuer, M. M., 141 Akasaki, S. see Imokawa, G., J Breuer, M. M. Perceptual evaluation of shaving closeness, 141 Brittain, H. see O'Laughlin, R., 215 Brown, K. Hair coloring by melanin precursors: a novel system for imparting durable yet reversible color effects, 65 Clarke, J. Selective removal of sebum components from hair by surfactants, C Clarke, J. see Robbins, C., 205 Coenraads, P-J. see Tupker, R. A., 33 Cohen, E. see O'Laughlin, R., 215 Dabney, J. M. see Walling, P. L., 151 de Zeeuw, R. A. see Wiechers, J. W., D Diffey, B. L. A new substrate to measure sunscreen protection factors throughout the ultraviolet spectrum, 127 Dorogi, P. L. see Hilliard, P. R., Jr., 1 Drenth, B. F. H. see Wiechers, J. W., D Fukuchi, Y. Estimation of shampoo and rinse effects on the resistance to flow over human hair and hair softness using a newly developed hydrodynamic technique, I Fukuda, M. see Kanda, F., B Fulton, J. E., Jr. Comedogenicity and irritancy of commonly used ingredients in skin care products, E Heinze, J. E. see Yackovich, F., G Herder, R. E. see Wiechers, J. W., D Hilliard, P. R., Jr. Investigation of temperature and water activity effects on pig skin in vitro, 1 Imokawa, G. Water-retaining function in the stratum comeum and its recovery properties by synthetic pseudoceramides, J. Kaiserman, J. M. A rapid impedimetric procedure to determine bacterial content in cosmetic formulations, 21 Kanda, F. Development of a novel hybrid powder formulated to quench body odor, B Kawamata, A. see Imokawa, G., J Kermici, M. see Nappe, C., 91 Kerstholt, H. see Tupker, R. A., 33 Kligman, A.M. see Saint-Leger, D., 109 Koontz, S. W. see Strube, D. D., H Kushla, G. P. Lidocaine penetration through human and hairless mouse skin in vitro, 41 Lee, A. C. see Tojo, K., 119 Leneveu, M.-C. A simple method to avoid sandiness and enhance deodorant efficacy of soaps containing TCC, 75 Lutes, C. M. see Orth, D. S., 193 Lutes Anderson, C. M. see Orth, D. S., A Mayer, A. see Brown, K., 65 Mills, O. H., Jr. see Silber, P.M., 135 Milstein, S. R. see Orth, D. S., A Moral, J. see Kaiserman, J. M., 21 Moravec, R. A. see Rheins, L. A., 101 Murahata, R. I. see Strube, D. D., H Murotani, I. see Fukuchi, Y., I Murphy, B. see Brown, K., 65 Nakajima, K. see Kanda, F., B Nakata, O. see Kanda, F., B Nappe, C. Electrophoretic analysis of alkylated proteins of human hair from various ethnic groups, 91 Nater, J.P. see Tupker, R. A., 33 Nordlund, J. J. see Rheins, L. A., 101 Nordlund, M. L. see Rheins, L. A., 101 Ohta, T. see Kanda, F., B Okoshi, M. see Fukuchi, Y., I O'Laughlin, R. Effects of variations in physico-chemical properties of glyceryl monostearate on the stability of an oil-in-water cream, 215 Orth, D. S. Synergy of preservative system
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