390 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS Contact hypersensitivity responsiveness antioxidants immunity, 101 Content TCC soap, 75 water stratum corneum, 151 Controlled pressure/sponge cleaning process removal of sebum from hair, C Copolymer acrylic acid synergy of preservative system components, A 4-vinyl-N-methyl-pyridinium methyl sulfate hair with raised cuticles, 173 Copper-constantan thermocouple temperature measurement, 41 Copper salts color formation hair, 65 Corneocytes index of inflammation dandruff, 109 Cortex hair role in chemical/physical state, F Cosmetic adverse reaction book review, 61 appeal hair, F carrying liposomes, 51 formulations bacteria content, 21, effect of solvents on solute penetration, 231, vitamins c and e, 119 ingredient zinc oxide, B ingredient handbook book review, 191 oil-in-water cream stability, 215 pencils technology of (abstract), 243 phenolic compounds immunity, 101 preparation perception of skin feel and appearance, 151 preservatives comedogenic potential, 135 preservative efficacy testing, 193 products clinical evaluation (abstract), 243 pseudomonas synergy of preservative system components, A skin care product ingredients comedogenicity and irdtancy, E treatments effect of surface roughness parameters, 173 use of foam (abstract), 243 visual color (abstract), 243 Cream aqueous bacteria content, 21 kinetics of bacterial death preservative efficacy testing, 193 oil-in-water stability, 215 sunscreen protect factor, 127 thickening agents comedogenicity, E water recovery properties stratum corneum, J Critical packing factors molecular dimensions amphiphilic lipid assembly, 51 Cross-linking photochemical protein content in hair, 91 Cu(II) melanogenesis hair color, 65 Culture kinetics of bacterial death preservative efficacy testing, 193 Cutaneous metabolism topically applied drugs, D Cuticle hair effect on chemical and physical state, F, surface topography, 173 Cyclooxygenase enzyme antioxidants in immunity, 101 Cylinder shape amphilic lipids, 51 Cysteic acid proteins of hair, 91 Cysteine dansylated hair method for damage assessment, F Cystine proteins of hair, 91 Daily sebum production, C Dandruff pathogenesis role of resident microflora, 109 Dansyl chloride sensitive fluorescence technique hair damage, F Data acquisition control system metabolic profiling topical drugs, D D&C red pigment effect of cosmetic ingredients on comedogenicity and irritancy, E Death bacterial preservative efficacy testing, 193 Death rate test organisms preservative efficacy testing, A Decay law skin penetration, vitamins, 119 Decyl oleate comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E Dehydration lipid assembly, 51 water loss skin, 1 Density hydrodynamic technique hair texture, I Ia + Langerhans cells antioxidant application, 101 resident microflora dandruff, 109 TCC skin surface, 75 Deodorant development of hybrid powder for body odor, B soaps TCC, 75 Dermal drug delivery, D Dermis lipocaine penetration, 41 metabolism cycotol, D pig skin temperature and water effects, 1 Desorption kinetic studies skin moisture, 151 protein binding sites skin, 1 Detergency surfactants ammonium lauryl sulfate, C, sodium laureth 2-sulfate, C, sodium octeth- 1/deceth- 1 sulfate, C Detergent anionic, hand cleanser evaluation, 33, removal of cationics from keratin, 205
SUBJECT INDEX 391 antibacterial soap apgar patch test, G mildness of washing products flex wash test, H preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 sebum removal from hair surfactant screening, C Detergent-scrub method quantification of microflora dandruff, 109 Dextrin composition of washing bars irritancy potential, H Dextrose culture media composition preservation testing, 193 Diagnostic tests occurrence of syneresis in cream glyceryl monostearate variations, 215 Dial micrometer follicle width measurement keratosis, E Dicetyl phosphate cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Dielectric method nature of water absorption stratum corneum, 151 Diethyl ether solvent preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Differential scanning calorimetry glyceryl monostearate characterization US & UK sourced, 215 nature of water absorption stratum corneum, 151 Diffusion in vitro permeability of skin, 41 vitamin c skin penetration, 119 water flux skin, 1 Diglyceride glyceryl monostcaratc composition oil-in-water cream stability, 215 Di-hexadecyldimethylammonium chloride ammonium salt amphiphilcs, 51 5,6-dihydroxindole melanin precursor hair- coloring process, 65 Dilution systems bacterial content cosmetics, 1 Dimethicone lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Dimethyl lotion effects on skin, 1 1-dimethylamino-naphthalene-5-sulfonyl- chloride fluorescence technique hair damage, F Dimethylisosorbide solvent effect on solute penetration, 231 Dipotassium phosphate culture media composition preservation testing, 193 Disodium ricinoleamido MEA-sulfosuccinate soap composition antimicrobial testing, G Distribution sebum on hair compositional change, C Dithiothreitol extraction procedure hair protein, 91 DMDM hydantoin comedogenic potential, 135 soap composition antimicrobial testing, G DNA repair of UV damage skin (abstract), 243 1-dodecylazacycloheptan-2-one([1-•4C])- dodecyl skin stripping cutaneous metabolism of topical drugs, D Dodecyl sulfates removal of cationics from keratin, 205 Donor solution skin penetration vitamins, 119 DOPAquinone melanogenesis hair coloring, 65 Drifting impedance measurement bacterial content in cosmetics, 21 Drugs hair effects on surface roughness parameters, 173 topically applied cutaneous metabolism, D Dry leg regression method moisture in skin, 151 Dryness method for skin irritation, H skin application of pseudoceramides, J DSC measurements thermal analysis system oil-in-water cream, 215 Durability oxidative hair color, 65 Dutch law for food and commodities hand cleanser composition soap, 33 Dye cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E hair-coloring process, 65 Dyestaining removal of cationics keratin, 205 Eccrine gland secretions effect on body odor, B Edema irritancy skin care product formulations, E Edetate disodium oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Efficacy anti-fungal shampoo dandruff, 109 deodorant TCC, 75 hand cleansers, 33 hybrid powder body odor quencher, B moisturizer skin, 151 preservative testing kinetics of bacterial death, 193, nonionic lotions, A removal of sebum on hair by surfactants, C shaving preparations, 141 skin-stripping cutaneous metabolism of topical drags, D Efficiency encapsulation liposomes, 51 EGME sunscreen ingredient comedogenicity, E Eicosane extraction of sebum from hair, C Elasticity softness effect of hair cosmetics, I
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