386 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS surface roughness parameters, 173 Air flow resistance of dry hair hydrodynamic technique, I A!anine proteins of hair, 91 Alcohol aliphatic effect on solute penetration, 231 aqueous solution cyoctol, D cetearyl lotion composition, 193 cream preparation, 215 lanolins comedogenicity, E synthesis of amide derivatives water retention in the stratum comeurn, J wool wax TCC in soap, 75 Alcohol insolubles soap composition antimicrobial activity, G A!fonic 8,10-20 ether sulfate (SODS-I) surfactant removal of sebum from hair, C A!iphatic solvent hand cleanser evaluation, 33 Aliphatic alcohol solvent effect on solute penetration, 231 Alkali preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Alkaline hydrogen peroxide bleaching fluorescence emission of hair, F Alkoxylated methyl glucoside conditioning agent for hair and skin (abstract), 243 Alkyl chain synthetic pseudoceramide structure, J Alkylated proteins human hair electrophoretic analysis, 91 Alkyl ether sulfates surfactant staining cationics on keratin, 205 Allantoin lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Allergens contact hypersensitivity reaction Langerhans cells, 101 evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 Allergic contact dermatitis fluorescent activated cell sorting, 101 preservatives comedogenic potential, 135 Alpha olefin sulfonate (AOS) detergents surfactant staining cationics on keratin, 205 Aluminum chlorohydrate efficacy of quenchers formulated with hybrid powder on axillary odors, B Aluminum hydroxide wet gel oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Aluminum salts antiperspirant mechanism in controlling body odor, B Amerchol L-101 oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Amide bonds synthetic pseudoceramide structure, J Amines dansylation of hair damage assessment, F Amino acid analysis hair, 91 Aminomethylpropylamine cosmetic base comedogenicity, E Ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS) soap composition antimicrobial testing, G surfactant detergency measurement, C, staining cationics on keratin, 205 Ammonium salts amphiphiles lipid bilayer vesicles, 51 Ammonium thioglycolate raised cuticles surface topography of hair, 173 Amphiphilic lipids liposome composition, 51 Amphotericin dandruff role of microflora, 109 Anaerobic bacteria level of dandruff, 109 growth preservation testing, 193 Analysis bilayer-skin diffusion/bioconversion model vitamin c penetration, 119 compositional extracted sebum, C electrophoretic human hair proteins, 91 near-infrared reflectance moisture in skin, 151 Anhydrous lanolins comedogenicity, E Anionic detergents hand cleanser evaluation, 33, removal of cationics from keratin, 205 oil-in-water lotions dry leg regression studies, 151 ANOVA determination of selective removal of sebum components by surfactants, C dry leg regression method moisture in skin, 151 lidocaine diffusion skin, 41 Antibacterial liquid soap validation of agar patch test, G Antibacterial solution density of resident microflora dandruff, 109 Antibiotic susceptibility testing kinetics of bacterial death, 193 Antifungal shampoo density of microflora dandruff, 109 Antigert Ia immunity, 101 Antimicrobials control of body odors, B Antioxidants skin immune reactions, 101 Antiperspirants efficacy in quenching body odor, B Apocrine glands secretions effect on body odor, B Appearance hair, ethnic groups, 91, external sebum, C, geometrical properties, 173 skin cosmetic moisturizing preparation, 151 Aquasol lidocaine analysis skin penetration, 41 Aquasol-2 LSC cocktail radiotracer experiments cationics on keratin, 205 Aqueous alcoholic solution cyoctol, D
SUBJECT INDEX 387 cosmetics bacteria content, 21 iso-valeric solution headspace gas chromatography analysis in quenching short-chain fatty acids, B liquid preservative efficacy testing, 193 phase syneresis of oil-in-water cream formulation, 215 receptor fluid skin penetration, 41 rinse solution hair-coloring process, 65 sodium hydroxide synthesis of amide derivatives, J solutions alpha olefin sulfonate, 205, ammonium lauryl sulfate and alkyl ether sulfates, 205, detrimonium chloride, 205, hair with raised cuticles, 173, sodium deceth-2 sulfate, 205 surfactant hair cleaning procedure, C suspension cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 tetrabutylammonium bromide in hexane synthesis of amide derivatives, J Arachidonic acid Ia+ Langerhans cell alteration, 101 in-vitro release evaluation of anti- inflammatory ingredients (abstract), 243 Arginine hair damage assessment, F, protein content, 91 Aromatic hydrocarbons evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 Ascorbic acid skin penetration, 119 Asian hair, electrophoretic analysis, 91 Aspattic acid proteins of hair, 91 Aspirin skin penetration, 41 Aspergillus fungal detection bacterial content in cosmetics, 21 Assay high performance liquid chromatography skin penetration, 119 mouse ear swelling antioxidants in immunity, 101 rabbit ear comedogenic potential of preservatives, 135, follicular keratinization measurement, E Autocorrelation functions roughness measure surface topography of hair, 173 Avocado oil cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Axil!a odor role of short-chain fatty acids, B Azone percutaneous absorption skin stripping, D Bacillus cereus synergy of preservative system components efficacy testing, A Bacillus sp. synergy of preservative system components efficacy testing, A Bacillus subtilis kinetics of bacterial death preservative efficacy testing, 193 Bacteria content cosmetic formulations, 21 death preservative efficacy testing, 193 effect on body odor, B preservative efficacy testing, A role in dandruff, 109 Bactometer microbial monitoring cosmetic formulations, 21 Band absorption fatty acid and metallic salt, B, near infrared reflectance analysis, 151 Barrier function stratum corneum effect of ceramides, J Barrier properties effect of protein and lipid skin, 1 heat separated human epidermis to lidocaine, 41 skin effect of solvents, 231 Beeswax comedogenicity skin care product ingredient, E face cream composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Behentrimonium chloride cationic agent in shampoo effect on hair smoothness, I Behenyl erucate comedogenicity skin care product ingredient, E Bentonite cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Benzoic acid permeability topical formulations (abstract), 243 Benzophenone-3 sunscreen formulation photoprotection, 127 Benzophenone-4 sunscreen fomulation photoprotection, 127 Benzyl alcohol saline solutions synergism of preservative system components, A Bilayer diffusion/bioconversion model skin penetration vitamins c & e, 119 Bilayer vesicles lipid nature of, 51 Binding cationics on keratin radiotracer experiments, 205 dansyl chloride hair damage assessment, F water stratum corneum, 1 Bioavailability TCC soap, 75 Bioconversion vitamins c & e skin penetration, 119 Biotransformation cutaneous cyoctol, D Biphasic water in skin, 151 Bis(hydroxymethyl) lotion effects on skin, 1 Black hair protein, 91 _ Bleaching hair color, 65, damage, F, removal of cationics, 205, surface topography, 173 Bleed oil-in-water cream stability, 215 Blond hair proteins, 91, removal of cationics, 205 Bond hydrogen nature of water binding, 151
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