404 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS extraction of hair lipids, C flow resistance of hair, I hair damage fluorescence technique, F linear regression method culture conditions on bacterial death, 193 micro flora dandruff, 109 sensory perception shaving closeness, 141 solvent interaction on solute penetration, 231 syneresis test aqueous phase in oil-in-water cream formulation, 215 TCC determination soaps, 75 Quarternary alkoxylated methyl glucoside conditioning agent (abstract), 243 Quaternium-15 comedogenic potential, 135 preservative system lotion, 193 Rabbit ear irritancy of skin care products, E ear assay comedogenic potential of preservatives, 135 Race hair protein analysis, 91 Radiation ultraviolet sunscreen protection factors, 127 Radioactivity lidocaine analysis skin penetration, 41 radiolabeled vitamins skin penetration, 119 skin stripping •4c-azone, D, •4c-cyoctol, D Radiotracer studies removal of cationics from keratin, 205 Rank order correlation permeants effect of solvents, 231 Rat skin solute penetration, 231 stratum corneum effects of temperature, 1 Rate color development 5,6-dihydroxyindole, 65 death bacteria during preservative efficacy testing, 193 Rayleigh ratio liposome characterization, 51 Reagent color stability hair, 65 dansyl chloride method for hair damage assessment, F surfactant preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Receptor solution saline with chlorobutanol skin penetration, 231 skin penetration profile vitamins c and e, 119 Red-80 dye-staining procedure removal of cationic surfactants from keratin surfaces, 205 Reducing agent hair protein, 91 Refattening agent wool wax alcohols soap, 75 Reproducibility flex wash test irritancy of washing products, H oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Resistance lidocaine penetration skin, 41 Retention stratum corneum cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Retention hyperkeratosis comedogenic ingredients skin care products, E Reverse-phase evaporation preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 RH relationship with stratum corneum, 1 Rinse effect on flow resistance hair, I hair-coloring process, 65 Roughness hair surface fourier transform and fractal analysis, 173 human hair hydrodynamic technique, I intensity shaving closeness, 141 skin surface soap with TCC, 75 zinc oxide cosmetics, B Saccharides stability liposomes in cosmetics, 51 Safflower oil cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Salicylic acid permeability topical formulations (abstract), 243 Saline buffered in vivo simulation apparatus, l franz diffusion cells skin penetration, 41 inoculum kinetics of bacteria death, 193 receptor solution skin penetration, 231 suspensions preservative efficacy testing, A Salts ammonium two-chain amphiphiles, 51 metal melanogenesis, 65 metallic conversion of short-chain fatty acids to quench body odor, B Sandiness soap TCC, 75 Saponification value glyceryl monostearate, 215 Scaling evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 irritancy skin care products, E microflora role in dandruff, 109 stratum corneum synthetic pseudoceramide application, J Scalp role of microflora dandruff, 109 Scan length roughness surface topography of hair, 173 Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) hair damage, F soap TCC, 75 surface morphology measurements hair, 173 S-carboxymethylation (SCM) hair protein analysis, 91 Seasonal effect on skin, 1 sebum production, C Sebaceous gland secretions effect on body odor, B
SUBJECT INDEX 405 Sebum removal from hair, C Self-affinity fractal objects, 173 Self-evaluation method shaving closeness, 141 Sensory perception technique shaving closeness, 141 Serine amphiphiles lipid bilayer vesicles, 51 proteins of hair, 91 Sesame oil cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Shampoo adsorption surface topography of hair, 173 anionic removal of cationics, 205 anti-fungal dandruff, 109 bacterial content, 21 effect on flow resistance hair, ! hair-coloring process, 65 hair damage fluorescence technique, F surface sebum removal, C Shape amphiphilic lipids, 51 Shaving closeness perceptual evaluation, 135 Shear forces effect on cream gel structure, 215 mechanical resistance skin, 1 preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 Sign test comedogenic potential of preservatives, 135 method for skin irritation, H Silicates thickening agent comedogenicity, E Silicone cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Sine waves fourier transform hair profile, 173 Size lipid assembly, 51 Skin application of liposome-encapsulated cosmetics absorption, 51 bacteriostatic activity agar patch test, G care products comedogenicity and irritancy, E compatibility hand cleansers, 33 condition topographical and light reflectance method (abstract), 243 conditioning agent alkoxylated methyl glucoside quaternary (abstract), 243 immune reactions role of antioxidants, 101 irritation liposome/surfactant interactions (abstract), 243, washing bars, H lidocaine penetration, 41 moisture near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy, 141 penetration in vitro release (abstract), 243, tolmetin (abstract), 243, vitamins, 119 permeation erythromycin (abstract), 243 permeability characteristics, 231 pig temperature and water effects, 1 rat effect of solvents on solute penetration, 231 smoothness shaving, 141 surface profilometric technique, 173 stripping cutaneous metabolism of topically applied drugs, D structure modelling (abstract), 243 surface TCC deposits, 75 tolerance, 33 ultra violet damage DNA repair enzyme (abstract), 243 water recovery application of synthetic pseudoceramide, J Skin care products testing of, 1 Skin substantivity triclosan-containing liquid soap agar patch test, G Sleekness hair smoothness measurement of resistance of hair to air flow, ! Slough irritancy skin care product formulation, E Smoothness shaving perceptual evaluation, 141 Sniff tests deodorant efficacy soaps, 75 Soap antibacterial liquid validation of agar patch test, G cleanser composition evaluation of, 33 sandiness TCC, 75 Soap chamber test irritancy potential of cleansing products, H Sodium soap with TCC EDXA investigation, 75 Sodium alkyl sulfate detergents staining cationics on keratin, 205 Sodium alpha olefin C14-C16 sulfonate surfactant in shampoo, C Sodium bicarbonate solution dansylation of hair, F Sodium borate face cream composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Sodium chloride acid perspiration hair color, 65 culture media composition preservation testing, 193 soap composition antimicrobial activity, G sodium citrate oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Sodium cocoate soap composition antimicrobial activity, G, irritancy potential, H Sodium cocoglyceryl ether sulfonate composition of washing bars irritancy potential, H Sodium cocoyl isethionate composition of commercial washing bars irritancy potential, H Sodium deceth-2 sulfate (SDES) surfactant staining cationics on keratin, 205 Sodium dihydrogen phosphate acid perspiration hair color, 65 Sodium dodecyl sulfate liposomes, 51
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