396 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS Inositol amphiphiles lipid bilayer vesicles, 51 Instability emulsion oil-in-water cream, 215 Instrumentation apparatus to detect microbial growth by changes in electrical impedance, 21 apparatus to simulate temperature and water activity on skin, 1 Integrity fuzzy rat skin effect of solvents on solute penetration, 231 skin, 41 Intensity fluorescence assessment of hair damage, F fourier transform sine waves, 173 shaving closeness perceptual evaluation, 141 sulfur proteins hair, 91 Internal sebum removal from hair surfactants, C In vitro antioxidant exposure epidermal immunity, 101 application of anti-fungal shampoos dandruff, 109 arachidonic acid release model for evaluation of anti-inflammatory ingredients (abstract), 243 exponential decay law skin penetration of vitamins, 119 lidocaine penetration skin, 41 moisture in skin instrumental methods, 151 permeability salicylic and benzoic acid (abstract), 243 permeation of tolmetin hairless mouse skin (abstract), 243 photoprotection sunscreen compounds, 127 release experiments skin penetration (abstract), 243 removal of sebum hair, C solute penetration effect of solvents, 231 synergy of preservative system components survival curve slope method, A temperature and water effects pig skin, 1 In vivo agar patch test antibacterial activity of soap, G application of anti-fungal shampoo dandruff, 109 cutaneous metabolism topically applied drugs, D exposure to monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone epidermis immunity, 101 melanin production, 65 moisture in skin near-infrared reflectance analysis, 151 nail polish testing effects of shade families (abstract), 243 removal of sebum hair, C sun protection factors, 127 temperature and water activity effects on skin, 1 Iodine value glyceryl monostearate, 215 Ion metal rate of color development, 65 Ion exchange analysis hand cleanser composition nonionic detergents, 33 Iron oxide cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Irritancy hand cleansers, 33 personal washing products flex wash test, H skin care products ingredients, E Irritant contact dermatitis evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 Isocratic elution metabolic profiling topical drugs, D Isoleucine proteins of hair, 91 Isopropyl isostearate comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E Isopropyl myristate comedogenicity potential, 135, skin care products, E face cream composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Isopropyl palmitate lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Isostearyl neopentanoate comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E Isotherms water sorption skin, 1 Iso-valeric acid role in foot odor, B Jojoba oil comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E Kaolin cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Keratin fibers composition, C, properties, C, structure, C melanogenesis hair coloring, 65 removal of cationics dyestaining, 205 temperature and water effects, 1 Keratinization neutrophils dandruff, 109 Keratosis irritants in skin care products, E Kinetics bacterial death preservative efficacy testing, 193 transepidermal water loss, 1 vitamin e bioconversion skin penetration, 119 water desorption studies porcine skin, 151 Koch curve fractal geometry surface profile, 173 Lactic acid acid perspiration hair color, 65 Lag time influence of membrane thickness, 231 lidocaine diffusion skin, 41 skin penetration vitamin c, 119 Lameliar structure water retention and pseudoceramide, J
SUBJECT INDEX 397 Langerhan cells phenolic compounds immunity, 101 Lantionine proteins of hair, 91 Lanolin water/lipid solubility comedogenicity, E Lanolin alcohol oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Lanolin oil composition of washing bars irritancy potential, H Lard glyceride lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Lauramide DEA soap composition antimicrobial testing, G Laureth sulfate shampoo composition hair softness and roughness, I Lauric acid comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E soap composition antimicrobial activity, G Lauryl betaine shampoo composition roughness effect, I Lauryl ether sulfate (LES) shampoo dandruff, 109 L-DOPA melanogenesis hair coloring, 65 Leakage processes preparation of cosmetics- carrying liposomes, 51 Lecithin growth of test organisms synergy of preservative system components, A inoculum preparation in preservation testing, 193 liposome composition, 51 Length alkyl chain synthetic pseudoceramide in water recovery, J anionics removal of cationics from keratin, 205 fatty acids follicular keratosis, E hair removal of sebum, C, surface profile, 173 Letheen broth aerobic plate counts preservation testing, 193 Leucine proteins of hair, 91 Leukotrienes Ia + Langerhans cell alteration, 101 Lidocaine penetration skin, 41 Lightfastness hair coloring melanin precursors, 65 Light reflectance evaluation of skin condition (abstract), 243 Light-scattering technique measurement of vesicle size liposomes, 51 Linear regression preservative efficacy testing kinetics of bacterial death, 193 synergy of preservative system components, A Linoleic acid artificial sebum composition, C Lipid bilayer vesicle liposome structure, 51 chain length comedogenicity in cosmetic products, E conditioning products removal of cationics from keratin, 205 human hair soil surfactant removal, C membrane peroxidation, 119 skin surface TCC soaps, 75 stratum corneum viscoelasticity, 1, water- retaining properties, J Lipophilic character of glyceryl monostearate US and UK sourced, 215 Liposomes (abstract), 243 cosmetic tool, 51 DNA repair enzyme skin (abstract), 243 surfactant interactions skin irritation (abstract), 243 Lipstick pigment dispersions quality of (abstract), 243 Liquid hand soaps agar patch test for bacteriostatic activity, G Liquid bleed emulsion instability oil-in-water cream, 215 Liquid crystals (abstract), 243 Liquid crystal phase lipid bilayer vesicles nature of, 51 Liquid emollient esters cream preparation, 215 Liquid scintillation counting lidocaine analysis skin penetration, 41 skin penetration vitamins c and e, 119 Liquid scintillation spectrometer metabolic profiling •4c-azone, D, •4c-cyoctol, D Lithium comedogenicity cosmetic ingredient, E Location melanin dye hair coloring, 65 Long-chain fatty acids solid cream preparation, 215 Lotion aqueous bacteria content, 21 glycerol/mineral oil based water desorption in skin, 151 kinetics of bacterial death preservative efficacy testing, 193 nonionic preservative efficacy testing, A oil-in-water dry leg regression studies, 151 sunscreen protection factor, 127 thickening agent comedogenicity, E Low-sulfur proteins (LSP) hair, 91 Luster hair attributes role of cuticle, F Lysine hair damage assessment, F, protein content, 91 Magnesium metallic base comedogenicity in skin care products, E Magnesium aluminum silicate face cream composition preservative efficacy testing, 193
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