398 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS Magnesium omadine anti-fungal shampoo dandruff, 109 M-cresal saline solution synergy of preservative system components, A Magnesium silicate soap composition antimicrobial activity, G Measurement color value hair, 65 cream consistency universal cone penetrometer, 2 ! 5 detergency surfactants, C DSC oil-in-water cream, 215 follicular keratinization rabbit ear assay, E fractal dimensions, 173 light-scattering liposome characteristics, 51 resistance to flow over human hair, I roughness surface topography of hair, 173 shaving closeness using split-face and full- face shaving protocol, 141 sunscreen protection factors transpore tape, 127 transepidermal water loss hand cleanser evaluation, 33 vesicle size, 51 water binding by excised tissue, 151 water content in vivo, 151 water-retaining capacity of stratum comeurn, J x-ray diffraction oil-in-water cream stability, 215 Mechanical hair strength role of cortex, F stresses damage to hair surface, 173 Mechanical deformation measuring water content in vivo, 151 Mechanical properties skin, 1 Media culture preservative efficacy test methods, 193 Medication phenolic compounds immunity, 101 Melanin hair coloring, 65 role in hair damage exposure to ultra violet light, F Melanogenesis raper-mason scheme hair coloring, 65 Melanosome formation of melanin in vivo, 65 Melting point glyceryl monostearate oil-in-water cream stability, 215 methyl paraben, 231 propyl paraben, 231 theophylline, 231 Membrane lipid peroxidation, 119 lipid bilayer liposome structure, 51 thickness influence on flux and lag time, 231 Metabolism arachidonic acid antioxidants in immunity, 101 bacteria culture medium, 193 cutaneous topically applied drags, D vitamins skin penetration, 119 Metabolites cyoctol stratum comeurn, D Metal ion rate of color development, 65 organic molecule comedogenicity, E Metal ions pseudomonas synergy in preservative systems, A Metallic salts conversion from short-chain fatty acids body odor, B Metallurgical parameters roughness measure surface topography of hair, 173 Metal salts hair coloring melanin precursors, 65 Methanol effect on flux of permeants theophylline, 231, methylparaben, 231 rat skin integrity, 231 skin penetration, 41 skin stripping methodology, D Methanol/phosphate buffer azone, D Methionine proteins of hair, 91 Methodology agar patch test, G colorimetric protein in hair, 91 differential scanning colorimetry glyceryl monostearate characterization, 215 dry leg regression moisture in skin, 151 ESR fusion and leakage processes, 51 finger imprint method, G flash chromatography synthesis of amide derivatives, J flex wash test evaluation of personal washing products, H flow cytometry antioxidants in immunity, 101 fluorescence fusion and leakage processes, 51 fluorescent activated cell sorting antioxidants in immunity, 101 fluorimetric cholesterol in sebum, C fourier transform and fractal analysis hair surface topography, 173 fourier transform infrared spectrophotometry quenching of short-chain fatty acids, B gas chromatography hand cleanser composition, 33 gas liquid chromatography composition of lipid in hair, C gel filtration preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 gravimetric analysis hand cleanser composition, 33, lipid assessment in hair, C headspace gas chromatography ability of metal to quench short-chain fatty acids, B
SUBJECT INDEX 399 high-pressure extrusion preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 high-pressure liquid chromatography determination of amount and composition of extracted sebum, C, skin penetration, 119 hydrodynamic technique flow resistance and softness of human hair, I image analysis technique shaving closeness, 141 impedimetric procedure bacterial content in cosmetics, 21 in-vitro instrumental methods tripbasic nature of water absorption, 151 ion exchange analysis hand cleanser composition, 33 light scattering vesicle size measurement, 51 liquid scintillation counting lidocaine analysis, 41, skin penetration, 119 measurement of fractal dimensions rough surfaces, 173 methylene blue method hand cleanser composition, 33 microfluidization large-scale liposome production, 51 mixing of high-pressure jets preparation of cosmetics carrying liposomes, 51 near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy moisture in skin, 151 NMR vesicle size measurement, 51 preservative efficacy testing United States pharmacopeia, 193, cosmetic toiletry and fragrance association, 193, linear regression, 193, accelerated preservative test, 193, presumptive challenge test, 193 profilometry geometry of surfaces, 173 reverse-phase evaporation (REV) preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 sensitive fluorescence technique hair damage, F sensory perception technique shaving closeness, 141 skin stripping metabolism of topically applied drugs, D sonication preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 spectrophotometric lipid assessment in hair, C staining procedure cationics on keratin, 205 survival curve slope synergy of preservative system components, A thin-layer chromatography composition of lipid in hair, C visual scoring evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 wire mesh bleed test syneresis in cream, 215 6-(5-methoxyhept-l-yl)bicyclo[3.3.0]octan-3- one ([14C]-carbonyl) skin stripping cutaneous metabolism of topical drugs, D Methylcarboxylate synthesis of amide derivatives water retention in stratum corneum, J Methyl cocoyl taurate detergents shampoo composition hair roughness effect, I Methylene blue method hand cleanser composition anionic detergents, 33 Methyl gluceth-20 oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Methyl paraben comedogenic potential cosmetics, 135 lotion effects on skin, 1 permeant effect of solvents on solute penetration, 231 preservative system lotion, 193 synergy of preservative system components survival curve slope method, A Mexenone BP sunscreen formulation photoprotection, 127 Micelie (abstract), 243 amphiphilic lipid assembly, 51 solubilization oily soil removal, C TCC transer soap, 75 Microemulsifier liposome production, 51 Microfine titanium dioxide sunscreen formulation photoprotection, 127 Microflora role in dandruff, 109 Microfluidization liposomes commercial development, 51 Microorganism quantification dandruff, 109 Microwave method nature of water absorption stratum corneum, 151 Mildness personal washing products flex wash test, H Mineral oil composition of washing bars irritancy potential, H cream preparation, 215 D&C red pigment comedogenicity and irritancy of cosmetic ingredients, E lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 nonionic lotion formula preservative efficacy testing, A oil-in-water lotion dry leg regression studies, 151 Mink oil cosmetic ingredient comedogenicity, E Model hairless mouse skin penetration, 41 Moisture skin near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy, 151 Moisturizer evaluation dry leg regression method, 151 formulation comedogenicity of ingredients, E Moisturizing agent encapsulation of liposomes, 51 Moisturizing lotion effect on skin, 1
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