394 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS sunscreen protection factors, 127 topical permeability of salicylic and benzoic acid (abstract), 243 Foot odor role of short-chain fatty acids, B Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometry (FT-IR) hair surface topography, 173 quenching mechanism of short-chain fatty acids, B Fractal analysis hair surface topography, 173 Fractal geometry hair interpretation of surface profiles, 173 Fragrance face cream composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 soap composition antimicrobial activity, G Franz cells skin penetration, 41 Freezing skin storage effect on penetration, 41 Frequency fourier transform sine waves, 173 Friction hair strands hydrodynamic technique, I skin temperature and water effects, 1 surface physical properties hair, 173 Fungus detection bacterial content in cosmetics, 21 Fusion vesicles liposome-encapsulated cosmetics, 51 Gas chromatographic analysis hand cleanser composition nonionic detergents, 33 Gas liquid chromatography (GLC) component analysis of extracted lipid, C Gel hair soil surfactant removal, C protein detection hair, 91 three-dimensional structure cream base, 215 Gel phase lipid bilayer vesicles nature of, 51 Genetics hair appearance, 91 Glueam E-20 oil-in-water cream preparation stability, 215 Glucose inoculum preparation in preservation testing, 193 Glutamie acid proteins of hair, 91 Glycerin humectant hair softening effect, I lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 soap composition antimicrobial activity, G, irritancy potential, H solvent effect on solute penetration in skin, 231 Glycerol glyceryl monostearate composition oil-in-water cream stability, 215 solution moisture in skin, 151 Glyeeryl dilaurate lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 Glyceryl monolaurate lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 G!yceryl monostearate lotion effects on skin, 1 variations in physicochemical properties effect on stability of oil-in-water cream, 215 Glyceryl stearate in sugar comedogenicity, E lotion composition preservative efficacy testing, 193 nonionic lotion formula preservative efficacy testing, A Glycidylether synthesis of amide derivatives water retention in stratum corneum, J G!ycine proteins of hair, 91 Glycol comedogenicity skin care product ingredients, E Gravimetric analysis hand cleanser composition water, 33 Gravimetric method lipid assessment hair, C Gravity hydrodynamic technique hair texture, I Growth bacteria in cosmetics, 21 Guinea pig skin lidocaine penetration, 41 Hair aqueous products bacterial count, 21 coloring melanin precursors, 65 conditioning agent alkoxylated methyl glucoside quaternary (abstract), 243 damage fluorescence technique, F dandruff role of microflora, 109 human alkylated proteins, 91 liposome encapsulation, 51 pomades comedogenicity of product ingredients, E removal of cationic surfactants anionic detergents, 205 set parameters quantitative evaluation (abstract), 243 softness and roughness hydrodynamic technique, I surface topography fourier transform and fractal analysis, 173 Hair-coloring process, 65 Hand cleansers evaluation of, 33 Haptens contact hypersensitivity responsiveness Langerhans cells, 101 Headspace gas chromatography (HS-GC) evaluation of metal to quench short-chain fatty acids, B Heat-separation epidermal membranes skin resistances, 41 Hematoxylin-eosin microscopic follicle measurement keratosis, E Henschel mixer formation of a zinc oxide/ nylon hybrid powder, B Heredity dandruff etiology, 109 Hexadecanoic acid capillary gas chromatogram of spangler sebum, C
SUBJECT INDEX 395 Hexadecyl dodecanoate capillary gas chromatogram of spaangler sebum, C Hexadecyl hexadecanoate capillary gas chromatogram of spangler sebum, C Hexadecyl octadecanoate capillary gas chromatogram of spangler sebum, C Hexadecyl tetradecanoate capillary gas chromatogram of spangler sebum, C Hexane sebum solution removal from hair, C Hexanol dermal resistance, 41 High molecular weight ester capillary gas chromatogram of spangler sebum, C High-pressure extrusion preparation of cosmetics-carrying liposomes, 51 High-pressure jets preparation of cosmetics- carrying liposomes, 51 High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis of amount and composition of extracted sebum, C radiochemical purity determination azone, D, cyoctol, D skin penetration profile vitamin c, 119 TCC content determination soap, 75 High-resolution capillary gas chromatograph sebum analysis extraction from hair, C High-sulfur protein (HSP) hair electrophoresis, 91 Histidine hair method for damage assessment, F, protein content, 91 Histidine hydrochloride acid perspiration hair color, 65 Histological structure human hair, C H20 lotion effects on skin, 1 Homomenthyl salicylate sunscreen formulation protection, 127 Homopolymer acrylic acid synergy of preservative system components, A Hormone activity in sebum production age effect, C Horny layer scaling P. ovale, 109 Human body odors development of a hybrid powder, B dry leg regression studies, 151 hair coloring, 65, electrophoretic analysis, 91, removal of sebum components, C, softness and roughness, I lidocaine penetration skin, 41 skin comedogenicity of skin care product ingredients, E, metabolism of topically applied drugs, D, penetration, 231, repair of ultraviolet light damage (abstract), 243 stratum corneum effects of temperature, 1, water-retaining properties, J Humectants hair softening effect shampoos and rinses, I Humidity effect on skin surface, 1 hair weight sebum removal, C hydrodynamic technique measurement of interfiber friction of dry hair, I transepidermal water loss measurement hand cleanser evaluation, 33 Hybrid powder zinc oxide, deodorant ability, B Hydration rat skin penetration, 231 Hydration force liposome structure, 51 Hydrocarbons human hair soil surfactant removal, C solvent evaluation of hand cleansers, 33 Hydrocarbon chain wax comedogenicity, E Hydrochloric acid pH shampoo, 65, skin penetration, 41 Hydrodynamic technique hair softness and roughness, I Hydrogel technology and application (abstract), 243 Hydrogen bonds nature of water binding, 151 Hydrogen peroxide chemical bleaching effect on fluorescence emission of hair, F color modulation and removal hair, 65 Hydrolysate amino acid analysis hair, 91 Hydrophilic solute type lipid amphiphile assembly, 51 Hydrophobic force liposome structure, 51 Hydroxy apatite headspace gas chromatography analysis for evaluating quenching compounds on body odor, B Hydroxyl group near infrared relectance analysis moisture in skin, 151 synthetic pseudoceramide structure effect on water-retention in stratum corneum, J Hydroxypropyl cellulose lidocaine penetration skin, 41 Hygrometer temperature measurement in vivo simulation apparatus, 1 la + Langerhah cells phenolic compounds immunity, 101 lmidazoles dansylation of hair damage assessment, F Imidazolidinedione lotion effects on skin, 1 Immunology skin role of antioxidants, 101 Impedance procedure bacterial content cosmetic formulations, 21 Indian hair electrophoretic analysis, 91 lndomethacin antioxidants in immunity, 101 Inflammation nucleated cells in scales dandruff, 101 Infrared spectroscopy measurement of water content in vivo, 151 Inoculum preparation kinetics of bacterial death, 193
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