188 JOURNAL OF COSMETIC SCIENCE ERRATUM TEXT FROM VOL 73 NO. 2 G. Gedik, and T. Uğurlu, A Preliminary Screening Study with Dermal Tea Formulations Against 311 nm Ultraviolet B Radiation, J. Cosmet. Sci., 73(2), 58–68 (2022). In this article published in the previous issue, the below acknowledgment and funding statements were inadvertently dropped. The Journal apologizes for the oversight. Acknowledgements: The authors wish to thank Murat Türkoğlu, Oya Gürbüz, and Dilek Seçkin for their contributions to the realization and editing of the study Süha Yalçın, Ayşe Mine Yılmaz, and Gökhan Biçim for some analyses made in Oksante Laboratories and Betül Dortunç for being a supervisor. Funding: This work was supported by Marmara University of Scientific Research Projects Unit (Turkey) [Grant number SAG-C-DRP-171209-0337].
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